Thursday, April 4, 2013

ADA Doesn’t Have Time to Police its Own Due to Time Policing Its Competitors

The American Dental Association is so busy persecuting denturists; keeping denturists from providing the oral healthcare services denturists have been trained and educated to provide, along with policing and suppressing the other oral healthcare providers such as dental therapists, dental health aide therapists and independent boards and practices for dental hygienists; ADA doesn’t have the time it was created for in policing and enforcing the rules and regulations for its own dentists. The denturist profession has been operating in the United States for over 30 years and across Canada for 50 years. The American Dental Association contributes millions of dollars to the U.S. Congress and states legislators, through state dental constituents, to disregard the services provided by denturists. As a profession, denturists have little or no federal or state stats. Denturists still have no professional or occupational code through the Department of Labor. CDC doesn't recognize the denturist profession in regards to asepsis and oral healthcare. There's a problem with transparency and the federal agencies recognizing the six regulated denturists states which include OR, WA, ID, MT, Arizona, and Maine. There is no reason why Americans shouldn't have the statistic information regarding denturists. What are the pros and cons of the denturist profession? Are denturists safe? Why is the denturist profession not recognized and listed by the Department of Human Services and CDC regarding infection control? Does the denturist profession outsource dentures? Where is the money from the American Dental Associations Lobbyists going? Being a nonprofit, why is the ADA allowed to suppress and persecute its competitors without any action from the Federal Trade Commission? The American people have the right to know the statistical information regarding the safety and effectiveness of the services rendered by trained and educated denturists, as with any other oral healthcare professional. ADA needs to focus on the safety, effectiveness, and continuing education of its own dentist members. Gary W. Vollan L.D. State Coordinator; Wyoming State Denturist Assn.,

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