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Monday, December 30, 2013

Progressive and Innovative Dental Workforce Models: Ready to Serve America's Oral Healthcare Needs

The needed action of progressive and innovative dental workforce models includes denturists, dental therapists, dental health aide therapists, and independent practices and boards for dental hygienists for better public health service. Open the flood gates of oral healthcare providers for all Americans across our nation, through more affordable and alternative delivery methods and models. What about something as simple as regulating the denturist profession nationally. Most denturists are educated in oral healthcare, providing more affordable and quality oral prostheses care and referral services. Denturists, free-up dental chairtime for children, emergencies, and restorative procedures, providing full and partial denture services directly to those who are edentulous. Denturists are regulated in six states which include Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Maine. In all but Arizona denturists operate independently. In Wyoming, an unregulated state, I work with four dentists in one office providing most of the removable prosthesis procedures. I’m a graduate of two denturist programs and a licensed Oregon denturist. It works. I continue to advocate for recognition and independence as a regulated, Wyoming licensed denturist. Gary W. Vollan L.D. State Coordinator, Wyoming State Denturist Association, www.wysda.org https://twitter.com/denturist2th

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