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Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Right to Serve

September 6, 2019 The American Dental Association and its state attributes need to partnership with denturists and other allied dental healthcare professionals, freeing up the professions in governing themselves and providing the services they’ve been trained and educated to provide. ADA and its state associated dental boards work and focus on their own self-interests, obstructing the missions and visions of allied dental healthcare professionals and their right to exist as independents and/or associated board members within state dental practice acts. The American Dental Association needs to govern and educate its members along with submitting research and education to allied dental healthcare professionals, giving the professions opportunity in working toward community public health service. The aging population along with limited oral healthcare in convalescent and eldercare facilities gives the denturist profession opportunities to serve, offering aging community’s better oral healthcare and quality of life. As trained and educated denturists, our rights are being violated as they have been for over five decades by the American Dental Association and its state attributes. As a profession, we have the right to be recognized and to serve without being suppressed by the ADA. Gary W. Vollan L.D.

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